My Lola Nining’s 80th Birthday: Cake and Cupcakes

My first post. I wonder what I’ll write about? Hmmm… Think think… Aha! 

My Lola Nining’s 80th Birthday: Cake and Cupcakes

Emelita Yap Magpayo (or Lola Nining) is my maternal grandmother. When I was a little girl, my Lola Nining would always bring me along to the school where she teaches. I can still remember sitting among her elementary students way back then.
My mom carrying my cousin JD posing along with Lola. Nining and my cousin Benj

Anyway, last December 12, 2012 was her 80th birthday. However, the party was held on the 16th so that we working people can attend the said occasion. 
Lola Nining’s handful grandchildren and great grandchilren and grandchildren-in-law

As I am a person with such a sweet tooth, I volunteered to buy the cake and cupcakes for the said event. I bought the cake from Estrel’s and I had my cupcakes baked by Ms. Thessam Maranan of Playtime by Thessam (Thessam is my HighSchool classmate).

It was my first time to eat the famous Estrel’s caramel cake. Now I can say that all blogs attesting to the scrumptious taste of this cake are really telling the truth. If it weren’t for the fact that their shop is really far away from my place, I am more than happy to drop by every week just to eat the cake 🙂

It’s advisable to reserve your cake at least a week before your intended pickup date. I am really happy that I gave them a ring a week before the 16th because on the day of the pickup, a note was posted in front of the cashier that the 16th is fully booked. By the way, the cake should be consumed within 3 days from date of purchase. If you want to know more about Estrel’s, please visit their official site:

As for the really delicious cupcakes that day, I have to thank Thessam for that! It was a good topic for discussion and admiration for all the people at the party. But the cupcakes were not all for aesthetic purposes only. One bite of this red velvet cupcake would make you want to devour each of the remaining cute cupcakes, leaving nothing for the little kids. Thessam can sure make cupcakes look and taste delicious. Should you want to consult with her for your future sweet tooth needs, feel free to email her at or you can visit her facebook page at

Till the next post! 😘


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