TODAY: Chinese New Year and Jo-ann’s 23rd.

Second Post. Celebrating the year of the snake.

TODAY: Chinese New Year and Jo-ann’s 23rd.

February 10 this year is the schedule of the Chinese New Year. On the same date, my little sister Jo-ann would be turning twenty-three. 

My mom reserved a table for us at Chinatown’s Best Foods in Banawe, QC. She was ecstatic to try the place as she saw this restaurant being featured in the tv program “pop talk.” She claims that the buffet spread looks enticing.

Mom and Dad

Jonnie and me

When we got there at around 11:30AM, the place was already packed with families who are celebrating the Chinese New Year as well. A little advice I can give about the parking is that it is very limited. Although there is a vacant lot to accommodate the restaurant’s diners, the same is still not sufficient to cater to all of its clientele.

The restaurant’s 1st floor is reserved for those diners who are ordering a la carte. On the 2nd floor, the area is allocated to diners who want to avail the buffet spread.

Their buffet spread has a lot of choices. There was a Japanese and a Desert Station. The Chinese menu of course makes up almost half of their buffet. However, the refill process was a bit slow. They failed to consider the fact that the place would be jampacked due to the holiday celebration. For me, none of the food they offered in the buffet was memorable enough for me to go back there and dine again. The juices/iced teas in their beverage station was just tasteless. They have the typical sodas in the dispenser as well.

As mentioned, since most of the trays are unfilled with food and the refill takes ages, I was not able to take a picture of their offerings. I hope these two pictures would give you an idea.

One thing I like about this restaurant is their customer service. The people working at this restaurant are all accommodating and courteous. 

As I was not satisfied with the desserts at Chinatown’s Best Foods, we decided to head out to California Pizza Kitchen in Glorietta, Makati.

Till the next post! 😘


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