MY GADGET: The love for Fujifilm Mini 7S

Post #4. The Instax craze.

MY GADGET: The love for Fujifilm Mini 7S

I have always wanted to own an instant camera ever since I was a small kid. Since it was really expensive back in then, I have to content myself with the type of camera that needs the kodak developing center to produce my pictures.

Luckily, in this day and age, the instant cameras as well as their accessories do not cost as much fortune as compared to yesteryears. And that is why last year, I decided to purchase my very first instant camera. The cute but reliable Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s.

I bought this camera in Singapore, with the help of Popo, for S$74. It’s already considered cheap because this type of camera in the Philippines costs roughly around Php 3500 to Php 4500. 

To use the camera, you need to insert first 4 AA batteries. The seller threw in free batteries for my instax, which I still use until now since October 2012. You need to pull out the lens to turn on the camera and you have to wait until the blinking red light turns green before you can start using it. By the way, you need to adjust the settings of the camera as the lighting is not automatically adjusted. This can be done simply by choosing the right picture in the dial.

See the instructions as to how to set correct environment for your shoot

Please be advised to carefully choose your setting as the shot may be ruined due to the incorrect selection. I have already wasted numerous films due to such error. šŸ˜£ Despite such hardship, I still enjoy perfecting each shot.

Here are some of the sample shots I made using my Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s:

First instax shot with Jonnie at Grams Diner – The Fort

Fred and Diane’s wedding at San Agustin Church

Sir Ascann, his lovely wife and Sir Bai (Jonnie’s bosses at LTP)

Happy Ian eating Yabu’s famous Katsu

Andrei enjoying Yabu’s Katsu

Jonnie’s favorite katsu!

The bad bananas goes formal! 
(L-R: Norman, Andrei, Fred, Ian and Jonnie)

Taking shots like these are really fun. I will just have to save up for the films so that I can gather many instax memories šŸ˜‰

The lovely white bag and the films are Popo’s Christmas gifts šŸ˜

Till the next post! šŸ˜˜


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