TRAVEL BUG: Hong Kong, China

Post #10. Roaming around HK.

TRAVEL BUG: Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is just a two-hour plane ride from Manila. Plus for Philippine passport holders, you can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days without the need to secure a visa. The airfare can come really cheap if you book during sales. Our latest Hong Kong airfare for this coming December 2013 is Php 2200 per person. Of course, that excludes the baggage charges. We only purchase our seats and bags two weeks prior our intended departure so that just in case we can’t fly out for some reason or another, what is forfeited is just the airfare.

When we first travelled to Hong Kong in September 2010, we stayed at the YMCA Salisbury in Kowloon and at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel in Disneyland Resort. I will cover those two hotels in a different post.

We just visited a few tourist attractions then such as Ocean Park, Disneyland, Avenue of Stars and The Peak. We just wandered around Hong Kong to shop, dine and experience the local lifestyle.

Here are some of the pictures we took during the 2010 trip:

My mom and dad at the departure waiting area in T3.
My little sister Jo-ann by the window seat.
Arrived in HK. Airport Express Train to Kowloon.
Jo-ann and I strike a pose.
View outside the Airport Express train bound for Kowloon station.
Lift up the bus station in Kowloon.
Kowloon station.

Waiting for the free bus to take us to our Hotel.
Ready to board.
Stores within the YMCA Salisbury vicinity.

The Gateway.
The mall inside The Gateway.
Commercial establishment within the vicinity of Marco Polo HK.
Silvercord. The mall opposite The Gateway Towers.

My dad in search for food at the food court of Silvercord.
Teppanyaki looks delish.
Very delicious spicy rice cake found at Silvercord’s food republic.
View from our room at the YMCA Salisbury Hotel.
Human traffic at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.
On our way to The Peak Tram.
The Peak Tram.
Interesting display at the ticket station of The Peak Tram.

View from The Peak.
Overlooking HK.
Vicinity of The Peak.
The Peninsula Hotel. Just beside the YMCA Salisbury hotel.
Nathan Road.
On our way to the Avenue of Stars to watch the famous light show.
Film reel at the Avenue of Stars.
Lovely backdrop.
Inside Sogo. I was reprimanded by the girl in uniform (left side of the picture) as I did not know that picture taking was not allowed.
HK juice drink and milk. I miss drinking them! 😭
Yummy sweets.

My notes about Hong Kong:

1) The Airport Express train was really convenient for us when we travelled from the airport to our hotel in Kowloon. There was a promotion at that time for four tickets which cost us less than 60% off the original price if we were to purchase the same individually. Don’t forget to check out such promotions online as well as upon your arrival in HK should you choose to use the Airport Express. There was also a free shuttle bus when we arrived at Kowloon station to bring us to the hotel. Check online if your hotel is within the vicinity of the hotel drop-off point. For us, we descended at The Peninsula Hotel drop-off as YMCA Salisbury is just beside it.

2) I just love their grocery items. So I always make sure that there is enough room for them inside my luggage. Try to visit their supermarkets. You can find local food there at a cheaper price. Great gifts you can give away back at home. Also, it is advisable that you bring your own eco bag. They charge you HKD 0.50 per plastic bag.

3) Get yourself an octopus card. You can buy one at the airport. This card can be used to pay fares at the MTR, orders at McDonalds, 7-11 purchases, and many more. You have the option to keep it or return it for a refund.

4) Arrive earlier than the standard call time for your journey back home. The Hong Kong airport is a great place to shop and dine. 

5) I find the souvenir keychains cheaper at The Peak rather than the market in Mongkok.

6) There are Disney items exclusively available only at the gift shops of Disney hotels.

7) Always bring a water bottle or two as it is really nice to walk around HK. To avoid pricey water available at convenience stores, buy the same from their supermarkets.

8) Remember to stay left. HK practices right-hand driving.

Till the next post! 😘


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