WHAT’S ON THE MENU: Big Daddy’s Chicken and Chatime

Post #11. A crave for Yabu that led to another.

WHAT’S ON THE MENU: Big Daddy’s Chicken and Chatime

Earlier today, I suddenly had a craving for Yabu’s katsu as I read different tweets on my Blackberry made by people who are currently enjoying the katsu experience. Hence, I asked Jonnie if we can have dinner at Yabu-SM Mall of Asia after my 8:30 PM class.

Alas! When we arrived at SM Mall of Asia, I saw Big Daddy’s chicken and had a change of heart. But before we ordered the famous chops, we went to Chatime first which is located at the 2nd level to purchase our milk teas.

Chatime is the first milk tea chain I introduced to Jonnie’s taste buds. He was never a fan of milk tea not even tea. But he came to love milk tea because of Chatime, particularly Pearl Milk Tea.


Chatime branch at SM Mall of Asia.


Inside Chatime.

Here is a copy of their latest drink offerings. Price reflected is in Philippine Peso and is the latest as of February 2013.


Yummy drinks to choose from at an average cost.


The usual orders. Pearl Milk Tea & QQ Milk Tea.

After we had bought our Milk Teas, we then retraced our steps back to Big Daddy’s Chicken. This is the first time Jonnie will be dining at this food shop.


Taiwan’s famous Big Daddy’s Chicken at SM Mall of Asia.


Easy on the pocket.

My Spicy Chicken Chop.

Jonnie’s original pork chop.

Happy Dining.

Verdict (Chatime): Highly Recommended; I love the milk tea here along side with a gantea! 😍
Ambiance: Did not dine here;
Price: Average
Customer Service: Satisfactory

Verdict (Big Daddy’s Chicken Chop): Recommended;
Ambiance: Al Fresco dining only;
Price: Average
Customer Service: Very Satisfactory; Food attendant very courteous.

Till the next post! 😘



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