FYI: Philippine passport renewal at Marquee Mall (Angeles City, Pampanga)

Post #20. Passport renewal at its best.

FYI: Philippine passport renewal at Marquee Mall (Angeles City, Pampanga)

**UPDATE: Hi there! Note that I will not answer queries related to this post anymore as I think this experience has become an obsolete process, given the fact this post was made two years ago (counting from August 2015). Will blog an updated Passport Renewal process once I renew my passport. Thank you very much.

As my family and I are nearing the expiration of the 6-month left validity with regard to our passports, we decided to renew the same last Saturday at DFA’s Passport Center located inside Marquee Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga.

We arrived in Marquee Mall at around 1030 in the morning. The DFA Passport Center is located at the 3rd level of the said mall. It’s just above the Kenny Rogers Restaurant at the 2nd level.

We filled up our application forms in the area allotted for the said task. A photocopy of your current passport (page with picture and the signature page) and one valid government-issued ID with signature are to be presented and submitted along with the original current passport. If possible, do and procure the necessary requirements before you go to the passport center. It will save you a lot of time. We spent around 15-20 minutes for this.

After filling up the application form, we handed it over, along with the renewal requirements, to the guard at the information desk. We were made to wait for around 5-10 minutes before the guard allowed us to approach the information desk for our respective numbers. We then proceeded inside the said center.

In the waiting area, we again gave our application forms, now with their respective control numbers, to the guard assigned in the said area. He is the one tasked to give the application forms to the DFA employees behind the glass window. One has just to wait for their name to be called out by the guard before proceeding to present to the DFA employees the necessary requirements.

The next step would be paying the fees before the cashier. We opt for the rush processing, which is priced at Php 1,200. The passport is scheduled to be released by May 16, 2013.

After payment, our application forms were again given to the guard assigned in the encoding/photo-capture area. We waited for our names to be called by the guard before we can proceed with the second to the last step of the renewal process, which is the input of the personal information, thumbprints scan and signature/photo capture.

The last step involves the manner as to how you want to claim your passport. One option is by LBC. If you choose this one, be prepared to shell out Php 120 for Metro Manila Addresses. Also, the passport is sent out by DFA a day after your scheduled release. Another option is by claiming the same at the said Passport Center. Be advised that if you opt for this one, the passport will only be released to the passport owner or his/her immediate family members, with the necessary authorization letter/vald IDs of both the passport owner and the said immediate family member. For the last step, we chose having our passports delivered by LBC as it would be inconvenient if we pick up the same personally. Note also that they strictly implement a dress code when one picks up their passports.

Overall, we finished all the renewal process by 12:15pm. Although we went back again at 1 pm to process the LBC shipment request for our passport delivery, I believe that this passport center is really efficient and effective in delivering fast and satisfying service.

> No appointments necessary. You can just do a walk-in. Be sure to check for the necessary requirements.

> No long lines. Only a few handful people were there considering it’s a Saturday.

> Convenience at its finest. It is located inside Marquee Mall. Fully airconditioned areas. You can roam around the mall once you’re done.

> Efficient and effective staff.

> No noon break. But LBC staff is on lunch break from 12 to 1 PM.

> Open from Mondays to Saturdays during mall hours. I believe they have a cut-off period until 2PM.

> Senior citizens are prioritized. My dad was done by 11:15 AM.

> Not that accessible. No direct bus coming from Manila drops off at this mall in Angeles City. If you possess your own private transportation, this won’t be a problem.

> NLEX toll fee plus gas charges for your trip.

So the next time you need to do something that involves the DFA and passports, give the DFA Passport Center in Marquee Mall a try. I know you’ll appreciate it the same way I did. 😉

UPDATE (7 May 2013):

As I was browsing through our envelope, I saw this paper with the list of requirements. Hope this helps :)


Till the next post! 😘


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