FYI: Philippine passport renewal at Marquee Mall (Angeles City, Pampanga)

Post #20. Passport renewal at its best.

FYI: Philippine passport renewal at Marquee Mall (Angeles City, Pampanga)

**UPDATE: Hi there! Note that I will not answer queries related to this post anymore as I think this experience has become an obsolete process, given the fact this post was made two years ago (counting from August 2015). Will blog an updated Passport Renewal process once I renew my passport. Thank you very much.

As my family and I are nearing the expiration of the 6-month left validity with regard to our passports, we decided to renew the same last Saturday at DFA’s Passport Center located inside Marquee Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga.

We arrived in Marquee Mall at around 1030 in the morning. The DFA Passport Center is located at the 3rd level of the said mall. It’s just above the Kenny Rogers Restaurant at the 2nd level.

We filled up our application forms in the area allotted for the said task. A photocopy of your current passport (page with picture and the signature page) and one valid government-issued ID with signature are to be presented and submitted along with the original current passport. If possible, do and procure the necessary requirements before you go to the passport center. It will save you a lot of time. We spent around 15-20 minutes for this.

After filling up the application form, we handed it over, along with the renewal requirements, to the guard at the information desk. We were made to wait for around 5-10 minutes before the guard allowed us to approach the information desk for our respective numbers. We then proceeded inside the said center.

In the waiting area, we again gave our application forms, now with their respective control numbers, to the guard assigned in the said area. He is the one tasked to give the application forms to the DFA employees behind the glass window. One has just to wait for their name to be called out by the guard before proceeding to present to the DFA employees the necessary requirements.

The next step would be paying the fees before the cashier. We opt for the rush processing, which is priced at Php 1,200. The passport is scheduled to be released by May 16, 2013.

After payment, our application forms were again given to the guard assigned in the encoding/photo-capture area. We waited for our names to be called by the guard before we can proceed with the second to the last step of the renewal process, which is the input of the personal information, thumbprints scan and signature/photo capture.

The last step involves the manner as to how you want to claim your passport. One option is by LBC. If you choose this one, be prepared to shell out Php 120 for Metro Manila Addresses. Also, the passport is sent out by DFA a day after your scheduled release. Another option is by claiming the same at the said Passport Center. Be advised that if you opt for this one, the passport will only be released to the passport owner or his/her immediate family members, with the necessary authorization letter/vald IDs of both the passport owner and the said immediate family member. For the last step, we chose having our passports delivered by LBC as it would be inconvenient if we pick up the same personally. Note also that they strictly implement a dress code when one picks up their passports.

Overall, we finished all the renewal process by 12:15pm. Although we went back again at 1 pm to process the LBC shipment request for our passport delivery, I believe that this passport center is really efficient and effective in delivering fast and satisfying service.

> No appointments necessary. You can just do a walk-in. Be sure to check for the necessary requirements.

> No long lines. Only a few handful people were there considering it’s a Saturday.

> Convenience at its finest. It is located inside Marquee Mall. Fully airconditioned areas. You can roam around the mall once you’re done.

> Efficient and effective staff.

> No noon break. But LBC staff is on lunch break from 12 to 1 PM.

> Open from Mondays to Saturdays during mall hours. I believe they have a cut-off period until 2PM.

> Senior citizens are prioritized. My dad was done by 11:15 AM.

> Not that accessible. No direct bus coming from Manila drops off at this mall in Angeles City. If you possess your own private transportation, this won’t be a problem.

> NLEX toll fee plus gas charges for your trip.

So the next time you need to do something that involves the DFA and passports, give the DFA Passport Center in Marquee Mall a try. I know you’ll appreciate it the same way I did. 😉

UPDATE (7 May 2013):

As I was browsing through our envelope, I saw this paper with the list of requirements. Hope this helps 🙂


Till the next post! 😘


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186 thoughts on “FYI: Philippine passport renewal at Marquee Mall (Angeles City, Pampanga)

  1. Hi Good day to you Ms. Jackie. Thank you for the info re the place. I just live nearby angeles city. My question is my passport expired last april, what will happen to my US visa po attached to the expired passport ( visa will expire 2018)? my travel history din para sna I can use them for future reference. Thank you again. God bless you.

    • Hi Ryan! As far as I know, the old passport with the valid US Visa will be attached sa new passport mo. Ganun kasi ginawa sa passport ng boyfriend ko when he renewed his passport last year na may valid US Visa till 2021. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. is there any way i can have the passport earlier than the said time even if i applied for the expedite one,,, i have applied 1 week ago but i need the passport in 5 days, my lmo from canada will expire in 8 days time, i really need to have my passport the soonest time possible

    • Hi Jino! You should have informed the DFA officer there that you need the passport earlier than the intended release. They might have just extended your old passport instead of issuing you a new one. You can try contacting their releasing department and explain them your predicament. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Jaypee! Sorry for the late response. As indicated at the back of the Passport Application Form, other acceptable IDs include OLD COLLEGE ID, ALUMNI ID or OLD EMPLOYMENT ID. You may want to bring supporting documents such as NBI CLEARANCE, POLICE CLEARANCE, BARANGAY CLEARANCE, LAND TITLE, VOTER’S ID, NSO MARRIAGE CONTRACT, NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS. Hope this helps.

  3. hi,I would just like to ask if there’s no need to set an appointment for first time applicants. I am from a nearby province so I would like to make sure my trip to Marquee wont be wasted. thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Hi Cess! As far as I can remember, you need not set an appointment with them as long as you have with you the necessary requirements you need to submit before the DFA Officers. I checked this with them as they just gave us the necessary requirements we have to secure for my cousin who is a minor and a first time passport applicant. If you want to be sure, you can contact DFA at Marquee Mall Angeles at (045) 304-0193 or email them at Do double-check the requirements you need to bring so that your trip there won’t be a waste. Check the DFA site for the said requirements. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Nino! To give you a rundown, you need to have the following requirements when you apply for your passport. Note that there are additional requirements for minors.

      1) Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by NSO. Transcribed Birth Certificate from the LCR is required when entries in NSO Birth Certificate are blurred or unreadable. (Report of Birth duly authenticated by NSO if born abroad)

      2) Valid government-issued picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity. Refer to the DFA website for complete list.

      Be advised that you should photocopy the requirements above as you need the same along with the originals when you apply.

      Hope this helps! 😄

    • Hi Saud! Regular Passport Renewal costs Php 950 while RUSH processing costs Php 1200. Rush processing takes approximately 19-25 days based from the release of our passports. For normal processing I guess it’s longer. Hope this helps! 😄

  4. Hi. Were you able to get it last may 16? Because I was supposed to receive mine last may 30, but they texted me and told me that it woukd be delayed due to problem in thier e passport machine…..

    • Hi gerby! Instead of receiving my passport a day after the scheduled release, the same arrived on the 24th. They messaged me the same text they sent you. Hope this helps! 😃

  5. Hi, I would like to know if there will be a problem for a married women that will present a marriage certificate with a typographical error on her birthdate on her passport application?

    • Hi Erick! From my own perspective, I believe that the DFA will check the date of birth against the NSO Certified Birth Certificate and not against the Marriage Certificate, even if the same is NSO Certified. The DFA are just asking a copy of the Marriage Certificate for verificationof the civil status as well as the name of spouse. To be sure, you can ask up the DFA regarding this. But mind you that for me, it’s better if you just personally ask them so that they can assess the situation right then and there. Hope this helps! 😊

  6. Thanks a lot Ms. Jackie. This info is a lot of help to us. May GOD Always BLESS YOU & your Love ones in return.


  7. passport renewal at marquee mall in less than 1 hour, unbelievable but believe it guys. DFA marquee mall your the best!!!

    today i went there to renew my passport, first i went to robinsons san fernando ( i came from bulacan so its nearer for me to exit san fernando via nlex. i was at the robinsons door at exactly 10am so when the guard let people in im one of the few whom i believe was first in line at DFA, i enter at the WEST door ( door near nlex side ) , but when i got there i saw looooooonnnnnggggg line, perhaps from people who enter thru the east door ( door across SM ) and the main door. so what i did was i went up stairs in a hurry but when i got there the line is also building up, so i stand n wait in line, i estimate that if i will be given a number i will be number 200 plus, so after around 15 minutes of standing there doing nothing i decided to go to marquee mall, then so i drove to angeles exit, and you know what guys when i got to DFA marquee then a got a number iam number 16 in line, so i sat there wait for my number to be called . at exatly 38 minutes im at the LBC counter paying for my delivery .

    its good that i changed my mind and decided to go to marquee mall.
    now i will just wait for my passport delivery, again thanks guys , god bless us all

  8. Hi ms.jackie, mgtatanung lng po ako malapit n po ma expired ang passport ng anak ko. 2years old sya.5mos. Bago ung expired s nov.5 2013 .possible po ba sya makakapgtravel mgbakasyon dto s singapore?.ang alis nmin sna katapusan ng july.anu po ba dapat kung gawin salamat.

    • Hi Cecile! Ask DFA nalang to extend the passport para maka-travel siya this end of July. Pag nagrenew kasi, matatagalan yun. Pakita nyu nalang yung tickets na naka-book na for Singapore para mas madalian kayu sa pagkausap sa DFA Officer. Hope this helps! 😊

      • Hi ms.jackie, ask ko lng po kung ilang days ang extention pra s baby kung baby ang mgtratravel kailngan po b ng returning ticket.pra s pg aply ng extension s pgdating s immigration s phil.need b nla ng returning pg baby?thank you.

      • Hi Cecile! Depende yun sa ibibigay ni DFA Officer na extension. They may extend it to 1-2 years from date of issuance kasi kelangan at least 6 months left ang validity ng passport para maka-travel. As for the return ticket, no exception sila sa immigration kahit sa baby. So better have one already for your baby. You can check with the DFA for this to be sure. Para hindi ka kasi pabalik balik.

  9. hai po! a bit question Lang po kung possibLe pong ma’deLay pagrereLease ng passport dun ?kasi po dapat juLy 4 ko pa makukuha yung akin kaso bukas ko pa po pupuntahan .meron na po kaya yun ? or aLam nyo po ba contact ng dfa dun ? thankyou po.

    • Hi Jah! Kung nagtext sayu ang DFA na madedelay siya, expect it to be released a week after the intended release date. Check the web for their contact number. Hope this helps! 😄

  10. HORRIBLE experience. Asawa need to renew passport and was wearing a spaghetti strap top. The guard told her she cannot wear spaghetti strap top so right in front of him I pealed off my shirt with a collar and put it on her, leaving me bare chested. So I went over by the Mall escalators and sat down to wait as the guard let her into the DFA processing area. After a while the Mall security shows up and asks me to put on my shirt. I inform them i cant because due to the DFA requirement my wife has my shirt. So I was asked to wait in the DFA waiting area. So I moved to the DFA waiting area no big deal. But the Mall secuirty then goes to the DFA and they go inside and tell my wife she cant be processed, and removed her from the processing area because I dont have a shirt. Now thats just WRONG. She was there in proper attire and doing nothing wrong. if they had an issue with ME then instead of telling me i could wait in the DFA waiting area they should of simply escorted me out of the Mall. The interference of my wife inside the DFA was unnecessary and unprofessional.
    The ONLY thing good I can say is shortly after i gave my wife money to go BUY a shirt in the mall one of the security guards came to me with a shirt for her to wear. Now THATS a professional action and was greatly appreciated by me, even it was to late. To bad he will probably never be promoted or advanced since he is actually HELPFUL instead of simply trying to jam his power down peoples throats and interfere when it was uncalled for.

    • Hi Tom! It’s very unfortunate that you and your wife experience such event. You offerring your shirt to your wife is such a sweet gesture. But you can’t blame the mall security for having to call your wife out of the DFA office to clothe you first before she proceed with what she is doing. As your wife, she is responsible for you. Although I agree with you that they should have sorted out the issue with you first instead of dragging your wife along with it. I think it’s the first time the encountered such incident that they didn’t know how to act upon it. Anyway, this was a mall issue and not an issue with the DFA processing. Thanks for sharing 😄

  11. I disagree. My wife is NOT responsible for me. And there was NO need to remove HER. The correct thing to of done was remove ME if there was an issue with ME. And the fact that the guard ALLOWED me to give her my shirt and then ALLOWED her into the DFA right in front of him indicates that what i did was not in volition of any rules. The rule is that INSIDE the DFA u must have a specific type of attire. That was NOT violated. There may be…and probably is a rule also regarding clothing inside the mall…which I was apparently in violation of and that should have been dealt with, separately. But to hunt down my wife who is doing nothing wrong and interfere with her business is simply wrong. Perhaps if we were TOGETHER in the mall area, I could understand it. But we were not even in the same location. And I agree…they probably never encountered that particular situation before and did not know how to handle it. But the method they choose shows an incorrect attitude and a focus on making getting a passport DIFFICULT instead of the lying propaganda on the wall which speaks of their mission to HELP the Filipino. If they had simply focused on the actual problem which was a half naked man in the MALL and simply removed me from the mall…no problem. But they apparently have the mentality of doing everything possible to deny passports and took the opportunity to include my wife in the situation…even after the DFA door guard ALLOWED the situation to occur. But i guess its better than when the DFA was located on Clark and they told my wife she have to come their house every week to wash their car to get (the 1st) passport. Anyway she was so upset by this unprofessional and unhelpful situation that she is going to use a travel agency and a different DFA. I guess the additional cost is worth (HOPEFULLY) the lack of stress involved in dealing with nonprofessionals.
    Thank you for providing a venue for BOTH sides of the story. I feel better just for the opportunity to get my story out…even though it will change nothing.

    • Hi Tom! I always welcome responsible and truthful comments and opinions. I believe it is a beautiful tool to achieve change. Change may not be in the imminent future, but I know it’ll happen. Although your narration may not even be noticed by the mall management, at least you helped people become aware of a situation that may happen to anyone. I do hope that you and your wife won’t encounter anymore issues regarding the issuance of a passport. Thank you for sharing your opinion! 🙂

  12. i’ve requested a delivery from lbc, super delay na yung pagprocess ng passport ko supposedly july 8 pa siya makukuha until now wala pa, i asked personnaly the lbc personnels to track my passport that i’ve requested to them pero wala daw cla matrack, on process pa po kaya passport koh?

    • Hi Kenneth! Hindi ka talaga masasagot ni LBC kasi si DFA ang nagrerelease nun. What LBC does is just deliver the passports. What you can do is call up the DFA-Manila office kasi sila ang nagrerelease nun. If you can’t contact them, try calling up si DFA-Marquee din. Yung passport ku din ay na delay ng release. Dapat May 16 siya ma-release but it arrived ng May 24. May notice naman si DFA-Marquee na ma-delay. Hope this helps! 🙂

  13. Hi po. Gaano katagal usually nade-delay ang releasing ng passport? Sabi nila if you pay 1,200 pesos, mare-receive mo within 7 days. But I heard, nade-delay daw lalo na pag sa mga malls. How long po kaya? Kasi I’m planning to go this week sa Marquee or sa Rob. Pampanga and I need it mga end of the month sana.

    • Hi Yna! Usually it gets delayed by a week or two after the scheduled release. If you have an old passport and you need it by the end of the month, better ask for an extension of your current passport instead. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi arwinbc! For the renewal, we just submitted the following: 1) Old Passport; 2) Photocopy of the first page and the signature page (for those passports where the signature page is not found in the first page); 3) Photocopy of 2 valid government-issued IDs; 4) Present the original valid government-issued IDs photocopied; 5) Filled-up passport form. For verification, you can check the DFA website for this. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • There’s no need to make an appointment at DFA-Marquee. They do accept walk-ins, which is what we did when we renewed our passports on a Saturday.


    • Hi Jezon! If DFA sent you a notice thru SMS that your passport would be delayed, chances are it will not be released on time. Give it a week or two before you receive your passport. We received our passports one-week behind the scheduled release. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi Chola! For the renewal, we just submitted the following: 1) Old Passport; 2) Photocopy of the first page and the signature page (for those passports where the signature page is not found in the first page); 3) Photocopy of 2 valid government-issued IDs; 4) Present the original valid government-issued IDs photocopied; 5) Filled-up passport form. For verification, you can check the DFA website for this. Hope this helps! 🙂

  15. Hello Jackie!
    My friend works abroad, and she was given only a week to come back here to renew her passport. Is that enough time? Is there an option get get it renewed fast in exchange for extra payment? thanks!

    • Hi Michael! Sorry for the late reply. I think it’s best if your friend will just renew her passport in the Philippine Embassy where she is currently located instead of coming back here in the Philippines just to renew. She can just ask for an extension of her current passport so that she won’t need to wait for the issuance of the new passport. Hope this helps! 🙂

  16. Nag Re-New ako nung passport ko kanina, monday.
    Nandun na ako nung opening nung mall. 10am.
    Natapos ako ng 1pm.
    Bago pumunta ng Marquee, may dala na akong photocopy ng Passport, first page with name and last page with signature. di ko lang naisip na kailangan din ng photocopy ng 1 valid id ( drivers license) nung nakapasok na ako sa loob for processing, eh pina photocopy ulit yung passport ko ( yung may picture and passport number ) medyo malabo daw yung dala ko eh. kaya lumabas ako ulit. siguro kung hindi na reject yung photocopy ko, naka save ako ng 15 minutes.
    July 22 ngayun at relase daw ng August 12 for expedite. Php 1,200 yung expedite. Php 3 yung photocopy service nila per page.

  17. Hi po ms,Jackie,ask q lang po kc kuhanan q ng passport ung daughter q..need po ba na iprovide lahat ng requirements?kc po late registered sya kya mejo mhirapan aq makakuha ng form 137 nya s skul grade5 sya ngaun…any idea?

    • Hi Jocelyn! As I have understood DFA’s requirements for minors, you have to provide all the requirements para hindi ka din pabalik-balik. If your daughter is late registered, you can provide either a baptismal certificate or the form 137. If you are unsure of this, you can contact naman DFA directly. Hope this helps! 🙂

  18. Hi, Jackie.

    Would you know kung they are also accepting Green passports pa for renewal? 2010 expired passports?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Corics! Yes. They are accepting naman the green passports for renewal. Kasi if you already have a previous passport issued, kelangan mu siya i-present so that you can renew. Otherwise, you’ll have to execute an Affidavit of Loss. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Wow, perfect. thank you so much Jack, this is really a big help. I had my first trip na nacancel and i won’t allow na di matuloy ang 2nd trip ko.

        Thank you so much and have a great day ahead!



  19. Good Day Ms Jackie, ask ko lang kung kailangan pa ba mag print out and fill out nung form na nasa website ng DFA for passport renewal and kailangan pa ba magdala ng passport size pics with blue background used like before? Thanks.


    • Hi KC! You can save time if you are going to print out the form and fill it out before ka magpunta sa DFA. Or you can fill up a form sa DFA na mismo. You don’t need to bring a picture anymore kasi dun ka na mismo kukunan ng picture. Hope this helps! 🙂

  20. I want to ask. I got my passport renewed early this year. But then accidentally, a newly printed picture was inserted on my porfolio and had tamper a little part of a page. I went to a law office to make an affidavit of mutilation. What shall I do? The new passport was never been used.

    • Hi Rinna! If the tampered part is negligible enough to pass as just becoming dirty and all the information details are still clear, I think that such might not pose as a mutilation. But it’s best to check with the DFA for this kind of circumstance. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Hi Joanna! There is no need to secure an appointment in DFA-Marquee as I have narrated here in this post, we went there on a Saturday without an appointment. Hope this helps! 🙂

  21. Good evening po, first time ko po kumuha ng passport sa marquee mall pampanga, doon po ako kumuha kasi sabi ng mga coworker ko mabilis daw po dun at mababait ang staff, totoo nman po, kaya lang po nagkaproblem ako sa passport, double passports daw po, kaya pala di p dumadating, pinapapunta po ako ng dfa marquee mall para sa bagay na ito kasi po hold daw po passport ko, pwede po ba yun, alam ko po dati gusto ng parents ko pumunta ko sa ibang bansa kaya lang natakot po ako kung ano mangyari sakin doon kaya sabi ko sa kanila ayoko po, tapod po noon hindi na po nmin napag usapan ang tungkol sa bagay n yun, di ko po alam n may passport n ko, di ko rin po sigurado kung akin nga iyon… May na encounter n po b kyong ganitong problem? Ano po kayang maipapayo nyo sa akin regarding this matter, thanks in advance and God bless po…

    • Hi joy! Much better kung sa DFA Manila ikaw magpunta kasi andun ang master files ng DFA. Ask them kung anu yung issue kung bakit double passports ang tag nila sa system under your time when in fact you can’t remember na kumuha ka na ng passport before. If possible, ask for a written explanation about this para naka-document yung sinasabi nila sayu and alam mu kung anung next step ang gagawin. Also, you can write them a letter asking for the written explanation about the “double passport” na sinasabi nila. Hope this helps! 🙂

  22. Hi Ms. Jackie G.! quick question lang po. how many days or weeks does it usually take for DFa marquee mall to release a supposedly renewed passport? im planning to renew my passport there and i need it within a month.. do they offer rush processing? thanks in advance! this blog is really helpful! thanks!

    • Hi Aaron! Usually delayed ang release ni DFA ngayon ng passports. Baka hindi mu siya makuha in a month’s time. If you really need it in a month’s time, better ask for an extension instead para hindi ka mataranta. Hope this helps! 🙂

  23. Good evening ms jackie.. sorry i dont tp spend too.much time reading from the previous comments above.. anyways, im going to go there sa marquee mall po and may sunday po ba sila? And please ung reqirements maam, ,what will i bring? Wla ksi akong nbi and police na… i have here cedula, drivers, nso, company id.. do u think this may do.. reply pls asap

    • Hi this is urgent! They don’t have Sundays sa pagkakaalam ku. If you are a first time passport applicant, bring your NSO-Certified Birth Certificate, 2 valid government-issued IDs, Photocopy of the 2 valid government-issued IDs and the NSO certified birth certificate and a filled up Application form. Hope this helps!

  24. Hi miss jackie, ask ko lang po, first time ko po kukuha ng passport, taga pangasinan po ako, my plan is im going to marquee mall this friday mas malapit po kc and sabi nila mabilis daw. NSO and 2 valid ids lang po ba ung requirements? and ung NBI clearance pwd po na wala? and how long po ako maghihntay for releasing?hope help me mam jackie. salamat……

  25. Thanks for your post, very helpful. Does Marquee process extension of passport too? I have a trip on Aug 26 and a renewal seems too tight at this point.

  26. hi ms jackie, can i have an idea how can the passport be extended? Are the procedure and cost similar to that of renewal? Can extension be finished within the day? My case: I mislook the expiry of my passport (i thought its 16Nov 2014 but its 2013) i bought already my ticket without bringing my passport with me:( so it will expire 3mos prior my trip which is not allowed:( thanks and hope to hear from you ASAP:) i’m planning to go to clark tomorrow am. I’m coming from Manila:( thanks

  27. Helo Miss Jackie G.

    hello Mom my passport suppose to finish on august 13 2013 there are txt me that my passport not be finish on the date cuz there are problem in DFA in MANILA but i leave on Sept 1 and i need my passport for my daughter exit permit …can tell to me when be finish ??? i just renew my passport and i hope u respond my email soon…

    Cherrylyn G. Rodenberg

  28. Hi Ms Jackie, together with my family we are planning to renew our passports, thanks for ur post , instead of setting an appointment, we were going to marquee mall this coming monday, as u said walk in are welcome.. Thanks for ur post. God Bless

  29. mam jackie gus2 ko po sanang mag apply ng passport i have only is postal id philhealth id police clearance and nbi clearance and nso ok npo ba e2ng mga e2 para mkapagapply ng passport

  30. hi ms. jackie, im currently in dubai at uuwi po ako this october 1, ung pong validity ng passport ko will be expired on october 14. magkakaproblema ba ako sa immigration at makauuwi ba ako? dyan nalang po sna ako mgrerenew with expedite processing. kc pagdito ako ng renew/extend aabutin ka ng syam-syam at mas mura pa dyan. thank u po and god bless!

    • Hi Jayson! I am not sure if papayagan ka makaalis ni immigration dyan if your passport is not valid for at least 6 months prior the date of departure. You may want to contact our embassy there in Dubai about your issue. Kasi baka pwedeng extend lang nila para pumasok ka sa 6-month validity period na required. Hope this helps! 🙂

  31. HI MISS JACKY PANU PWD MG TANUNG? panu mag renew ng passport pg gagamitin ko na last name ng asawa ko, kc i was single when i got my first time passport eh? so iwanted to know what kind of documents im going to need.. hope to hear u as soon as possible..
    thanks and god blesss!!!

    • Hi Jenny! If you are going to renew you passport to use your married name, you need to provide DFA a copy of your NSO-Certified Marriage Certificate along with the other renewal requirements I mentioned in this post. Hope this helps! 🙂

  32. hi miss jackie,ask ko lang po ung tungkol sa lost passport ano po ang ang mga dapat na requirements lalo na po kung ito ay expired na…..

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