About Me

“On 9 February 2013, I decided to embark on a journey that would rekindle my love for documenting each and every little thing about life. I must say that I was born in that day and age where having a diary/journal keeps you occupied most of the time. Hooray for not procrastinating this time around!”

Hi! I am Jackie.

Born in the Year of the Ox.

Currently working for an IT Company and cramming as much laws as I can for this year’s Bar Examinations.

I love traveling! But I am not the type who wants to see just the famous sites. I prefer the “do-what-the-locals-do” style over the touristy-thingy type. It’s really fun to watch people in their community and learn more about their culture and customs.

I love food! I mean who doesn’t? From restaurants to fast food chains to hotel offerings to street foods to grocery products. I am most happy whenever I see good food served before my eyes.

I love online deals! May it be in Amazon, Kipling, Aeropostale, Sephora, Deal Grocer, PAL, Jetstar, and Cebu Pacific (the list is really long so I opted to enumerate just 8), my heart always skip a beat whenever I see amazing deals from different sites.

To capture moments, I use my: iPad 2, Canon 550D, Fujifilm Mini 7s, Sony DSC-WX80 and Sony Z1 Compact mobile phone.

With all these introductions about me, I hope you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

Disclaimer: This blog expresses the opinion of the author about the things she encounters in this lifetime. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Respect to each and every post and comment are strictly asked of. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Ms. Jackie,

    Gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung ano po mga reqirements sa pagpaparenew po ng passport? Wala po ako mga I.’D’s naluma n po lahat..Yon naman pong I.D ko sa COMMELEC hindi pa dumating nasa Manila pa daw po. Pwedi po bang substitute ang Certification ng Commelec as my I.D?

  2. Hi Ms. Jackie…ask ko lng po next year po expired npo passport ko…pede ko npo b cia prenew khit hindi p expired? gusto ko n din po kc p change status ung passport ko…thank you po!

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